Valens Groworks came to us because their investors and prospective investors were worried. Maybe Canadian legalization of weed wasn't going to be the financial boom that investors predicted and hoped for. We did some ads, fly posters, and even chalk stencil messages around Bay Street (Canada's Wall Street) and tried to tell everyone to chillax and take a toke. There’s time to buy in, and the sector will grow. 

Client: Valens Groworks
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Gary Holme, Tom Goudie
Writers: Andrew Pigott, Tom Goudie
Art Director: Tyler Genovese
Designer: Tyler Genovese
Print Supervisor/PM: Jessica Holloway
Account Management: Christine McArthur, Bronwyn Schnurr

We also did some Fly Posters (below) to let cannabis investors know that we make our quality cannabis oil out of the delicious flowers and buds we grow, and that oil is a potentially more lucrative sehgmant to invest in, signing off with our stock exchange symbol.