Some Canadian banks are more concerned about shareholder value than human beings. on the other hand, looks at the whole you, and takes all your circumstances into consideration for a loan.

When banks say no, says yo’. I mean, yes.

Below is a few years worth of work on this client. And they usually said yes to our ideas, too. 

Agency: Mass Minority

CCO: Brett Channer
Creative Directors: Gary Holme, Brett Channer
Writers: Carly Trinier, Brett Channer, Andrew Pigott
Art Director: Quincy Evans, Tyler Genovese, Gary Holme
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Tony Shultz
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Directors: Gary Holme
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Andy Ames, Quincy Evans
Colour/Online/Composite: 1188
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Eric Hulme

Mass Minority tests creative variables in real-time, so we created a B version of the above, with more branding upfront, using supers and added a voice-over to see if it was more effective. Turns out it was. We also made these little GIFs below for the still hot, easy to consume :06 second social media, to drive home the rejection young people often feel at the hands of big scary Canadian banks.