Beatties Vodka comes from a potato. The potato comes from the ground. The ground is tilled by a farmer.
The farmer is Ken Beattie. Ken ain’t P.Diddy, and this ain’t Cîroc. But, it is internationally award-winning, made in Ontario, and Gluten-Free. And it delicious.

Client: Beattie's Vodka
Agency: Mass Minority
Writers: Brett Channer, Andrew Pigott, Gary Holme
Art Director: Vanessa, Tyler Genovese, JR 
Producer: Jessica Holloway
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Directors: Gary Holme
SFX Director: Sammy Ray Welch
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Blair Locke, Sammy Ray Welch
Colour/Online/Composite: Sammy Ray Welch
Audio: Orange Studios
Audio Superisor: Tom Thorney