With a Beautyrest mattress, you‘ll sleep better at night.

And then, perform better during the day.

Let’s watch a guy get his day straightened out with a good night’s sleep.

He’s gonna kill it today. 

Speaking of today, that’s the title of this spot. ‘Today’.

Client: Serta Simmons Canada
Brand: Beautyrest
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Creative Directors: Gary Holme, Brett Channer
Writers: Brett Channer, Gary Holme
Art Directors: Gary Holme, Brett Channer
Account Lead: Morgan Turner, Christine McArthur
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Producers: Donna Heffernan, Jack Taylor
Director: Sean Frewer
Director of Photographer: Brendan Steacy
Editor: Sean Frewer
Colour: Sean Frewer
Audio: Eric Hulme