Ever do something stupid because you haven’t slept? So have we.

So we looked for some real fail videos online of tired people doing stupid things, but didn’t find any that we liked. So we wrote and produced our own.

Five FAIL videos, all shot five in one long Summer day.

These little pieces of content have outperformed anything we’ve ever done at Mass Minority in the last five years.

That’s the opposite of a fail video. That’s a success video

Client: Simmons Mattress
Agency: Mass Minority
Writers: Gary Holme, Brett Channer, Andrew Pigott
Art Director: Gary Holme
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Donna Heffernan, Julian Weiman
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Director: Gary Holme
SFX Director: Sammy Ray Welch
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Blair Locke, Sammy Ray Welch
Colour/Online/Composite: Sammy Ray Welch
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Eric Hulme