Ever do something stupid because you haven’t slept? So have we. We’re not 100% sure, but we think most of people in these videos failed because they were just tired. Perhaps they just need a better mattress. See what we did there? Created as real ‘FAIL’ videos, these five ‘home-made’ videos have outperformed anything we’ve ever done at Mass Minority in four years. Yeah, shot five in a day. 

Client: Simmons Mattress
Agency: Mass Minority
Writers: Gary Holme, Brett Channer, Andrew Pigott
Art Director: Gary Holme
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Donna Heffernan, Julian Weiman
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Director: Gary Holme
SFX Director: Sammy Ray Welch
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Blair Locke, Sammy Ray Welch
Colour/Online/Composite: Sammy Ray Welch
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Eric Hulme