Written and produced for Stonemill Bakehouse's Slow-Crafted Breads, this live-event/video celebrates the last thing you'd think a race would ever be celebrating ~ the last runner to finish.

Client: Stonemill Slow Crafted Bakehouse
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Strategy: Brett Channer, Jack Perone
Writers: Roya Hakami, Gary Holme 
Art Directors: Marina Khouzam, Gary Holme
Creative Director: Gary Holme
Producers: Jack Taylor, Jacoub Bondre, Julian Weiman
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Director: Gary Holme
DoP: Blair Locke
Editor: Blair Locke
Online/Colour: Sammy Ray Welch
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Eric Hulme