Yo, don’t know what I was smoking when I made this stuff, but it must have been good sh*t. Hired a couple of great illustrators and animators, and off we went: the trippy, urban launch of our client’s unbranded sleep & health website, RESTCYCLE.


There was fun to be had, despite the modest budget, but we had the main ingredient - a great client. Got kind of a beat-nik poetry vibe in the VO talent. And no it’s not me. 

Client: Serta Simmons Canada
Product: RestCycle
Client: Laurie Dubrovac 
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Director of Art & Content: Gary Holme
Creative Direcrtors: Sarah Gencarelli, Gary Holme
Writer: Sarah Gencarelli, Gary Holme, and Assorted Freelancers
Art Directors: Emma Tanaka, Yi Xiang, Gary Holme
Designer: Yi Xiang
Account Lead: Morgan Turner
Managing Director: Christine McArthur
Production Company: Mass Minority Media Studio
Audio Producer: Tom Thorney
Agency Producers/PMs: Jessica Holloway, Jack Taylor
Illustrators: Shingo Shimizu (Stills, Gifs), Danny Williams
Animation: Danny Williams, Shingo Shimizu
Designers: Emma Tanaka, Yi Xiang, Gary Holme
Developer: Robbie Barnett-Kemper