A couple years ago, we built a website called RESTCYCLE, an online health magazine that aggregated articles about sleep from writers all over the world.

It was a topic-driven, editorial website, full of interesting articles about every aspect of sleep. It wasn’t trying to sell mattresses, just inform and engage. Sponsored by Beautyrest.

Of course, we needed a graphic style to go along with that writing, and a look that was informative and enlighting as well, and by making it all in gifs, fun and visually attractive, too.

Here are 12 of the 18 gifs we created for the unique and varied articles.   

Client: Serta Simmons Canada
Product: RestCycle
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Director of Art & Content: Gary Holme
Creative Direcrtors: Sarah Gencarelli, Gary Holme
Writer: Sarah Gencarelli, and Assorted Freelancers
Art Directors: Emma Tanaka, Yi Xiang, Gary Holme
Designer: Yi Xiang
Account Lead: Morgan Turner
Managing Director: Christine McArthur
Production Company: Mass Minority Media Studio
Producers/PMs: Jessica Holloway, Jack Taylor
Illustrator: Shingo Shimizu
Designers: Emma Tanaka, Yi Xiang, Gary Holme
Animations: Yi Xiang, Shingo Shimizu
Developer - Robbie Barnett-Kemper