Over the last five years at Mass Minority, I’ve occasionally directed stuff that I didn’t write, art direct or conceive. You know, like real production company directors do.

This TV commercial was written by a freelance team. It was then given to me to direct. The team left after writing it, and I was handed this production, where I begged another writer to jump in and help. It was a complicated script (Rube Goldberg idea, after all) that was trying to sell the world’s most complicated toy. It was like, complicated, squared.

Not enough resources or time on this one, so all this madness was done in one long-ass day of shooting. I kept referring to the video as “A Dog’s Breakfast”.  I do take pride in the one day shoot though, but just barely. 

Why is it here then, you ask? Not sure. Maybe it’s just me working my way through the trauma and emotional scars. Or perhaps just to see if anyone actually gets to this spot on their own. I just hope this didn’t ruin the actor’s careers. 

Client: Nintendo
Product: LABO
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Director of Art & Content: Gary Holme
Writers: Andrew Pigott, Gary Holme
Art Directors: Quincy Evans, Gary Holme
Account Lead: Christine McArthur, Harriet Abbott
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Tony Shultz
Director: Gary Holme
Cameraman: Blair Locke
Post: The Editorial Factory
Editor: Andy Ames
Colour/Online: weare1188
Audio: Eric Hulme

You think that was confusing, watch the French version, below. The client made us put a whole second commercial idea in, tacked on awkwardly at the end with cardboard, tape, and a monitor. Good times.