We went down to New Zealand one cold-ass Canadian February many years ago, to shoot a massive Rocky Mountain-esque, fun-in-the-sun, mountains are Zen, ad campaign.

Tough life. Millions of dollars, rad clients, crazy director, brilliant writing partner, and the amazing crews of Queenstown combined with the elite post-production posse from Toronto. One of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. And I’ve had the pleasure of being part of many amazing gigs.

Flew back to Alberta, Canada, to get the winter footage then on to Toronto and LA for post-production, one of my favourite parts of the business.

When the mountains speak, write that shit down.

(Spoiler Alert: That's not really the Rocky Mountains talking. It's Robbie Robertson).

Client: Coors Canada
Agency: Harrod/Mirlin, FCB Toronto
CCO/President: Ian Mirlin
Executive Creative Director: Gary Holme
Writers: Ian Mirlin, Gary Holme
Art Directors: Gary Holme, Ian Mirlin
Agency Producer: George Archer
Production Company: Untitled Films
Executive Producer: Peter Davis
Director: John Mastromonaco
Director of Photography: Doug Koch
Editor: Richard Unruh
Audio: Ted Rosnick, Steve MacKinnon