We all need to slow down more. But with multiple screens in our faces, 24-hour news cycles, to-do lists, endless emails, and work that is never just 9-5, that's pretty hard to do.

So we created some videos that were simply meant to remind people to slow down a little. Take the time to get right with yourself and nature.

Like the natural fermentation process that Stonemill rigourously adheres to in all it’s bread, the motto for which is, ‘great takes time, so we’ll wait’. 

Client: Stonemill Bakehouse
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Gary Holme
Writers: Carly Trinier, Dominique Morin, Brett Channer, Sarah Gencarelli, Andrew Pigott
Art Directors: Jean-René Lagace, Chris Franchetto, Gary Holme
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Tony Shultz
Account Leads: Christine McArthur, Harriet Abbott
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Director: Gary Holme
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Chris Franchetto, Andy Ames
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Corrine Murray, Tim White, Imprint Music
Colour/Online: Matt Bilewicz, Chris De Castro, Milan Schramek, We Are 1188