Stonemill takes time to ferment its delicious and wholesome bread.

But instead of focusing on the dough and bread story this time, we started with something more interesting and more engaging ~ real, genuine romantic relationships, that over time, became better.

Good things take time.

Client: Stonemill Bakehouse
Agency: Mass Minority
CCO: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Gary Holme
Creative Director: Dominique Morin
Writers: Carly Trinier, Dominique Morin, Brett Channer
Art Directors: Gary Holme, Daniel Charron, Jean-René Lagace
Producers: Jessica Holloway, Tony Shultz
Production Company: Mass Minority Productions
Directors: Gary Holme (English), Daniel Charron (French)
DoP: Blair Locke
Editors: Andy Ames, Chris Franchetto
Audio: Michael Josselyn, Corrine Murray, Tim White, Imprint Music
Colour/Online: Matt Bilewicz, Chris De Castro, Milan Schramek, We Are 1188

English couples in the three vidoes above, and three French couples in the videos below. All shot in one day. Yeah, one day.