Famous food bloggers were invited to a winery in California to enjoy a couple days with the head chef of Bon Appetit Magazine. She had a big secret to reveal.

A PR agency was charged with making some content for our client, ALDI US, based on her little secret. Spoiler Alert: All the food for these gourmet meals was from ALDI.

I was sent along to ride shot-gun as producer and creative director.

My job was to get the production company to shoot some extra stuff we needed to stitch together some actual TV commercials.

I took the long format footage, along with the extra footage, and brought it back to Detroit where we cut it five ways to Sunday.

Actually, we cut it six ways to Sunday, and made the versions below. 

And that's why I don't do two shows a night.

Client: ALDI US
Agency: McCann Worldwide/Detroit
ECDs: Mike Stocker, Robyn Chrumka
Creative Director: Gary Holme
Writers: Gary Holme, Mike Stocker
Art Directors: Gary Holme, Robyn Chrumka
Producers: Gary Holme, Andy Hallack
Post/Audio: Hudson Detroit Editing
Editor and Sound: Rich Smith, @ Hudson Detroit