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Hi. I put art upfront in my new website, because it’s what I’ve always done. Consider it a visual amuse-bouche before the rest of the site, if that’s not too pretentious. Or you can end your short exploration here because, well, maybe you hate advertising. Wouldn’t blame you if you did. Loathing bad advertising is why I got into that business in the first place. Once I saw what an ad could be, I was hooked. Beyond my most recent work in advertising on this site, is more ads, content, design, and other stuff that I have created through most of my career, going back to the nineties. Ok, the eighties. Advertising is a team sport, and I’ve been lucky to work with many smart, talented, people over the years.

But I digress, back to why you clicked here.

This scrolling page of some of my art is randomly grouped by genre, concept, series, show, medium or style. If you like this and want to see more, click on the FetzerGallery Instagram link here ︎

Thanks for stopping by.


I learned to draw and paint in my mid-twenties. Oil on canvas that I mainly stretched myself. Late 20th century American Impressionism was the school and the palette, similar to oil painters like Edmund C. Tarbell, Frank Weston Benson, and William McGregor Paxton.

“Self Portrait”, 1979, 11”x14” Oil on Canvas
“Deer And The Gun That Killed It”, 1979, 16” x 20”, Oil on Canvas
“Speedway 7-11”, 1980, 9”x12”, Oil on Canvas,Tucson, Arizona,

Favourite thing to paint: Oil Landscapes.

(Upper Left) “Owen Sound Landscape”, 2007, 11”x14” Oil on Canvas
“Mt. Clemens Creek On A Hot Summer Day”, 1980, Detroit, Michigan 20”x16” Oil on Canvas
“St.Clair River in Da’ Winter”, 1980, 20”x16” Oil on Canvas 
(Lower right) “Fort York, Fort York”, 2011, 18”x24”, Pen & Brush & Ink and Water on Paper

Even after landing a great gig in advertising, I still wanted to draw and paint. So I did.

Agency Self-Promotion Series/Brochure, 1986, 9”x12” Multi-media
1. “Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk”, Rubylith, to Litho on Paper
2. “On Target”, Rubylith and Pen & Ink, to Litho on Paper
3. “Multi-Media”, Line tape, Letratone Screens on Acetate, to Litho on Paper
4. “Connecting People”, Watercolor On Paper, to Litho on Paper

And then I went back to Detroit for a minute and a career reset.

Detroit Series, 2014
1. “Ambassador Bridge”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
2. “Joe Louis Fist”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
3. “Hart Plaza Fountain”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
4. “Hart Plaza Fountain”, 6”x6”, Artist Proof, Two Color Silkscreen on Paper

Illustration commissions kept me afloat for a while in LA in the early ’80s. Haha. No, they didn’t. But it was fun to work to a deadline and see my stuff published in the Sunday paper of a big US city. The pay was paltry, but the result was invigorating. And it was stuff that I was passionate about at the time.

“ICBM Man”, 1983, 9”x 13” Pen & Ink on Paper
“The American Way”, 1985, 12”x 16” Pencil on Paper (unpublished)
“Crushing Solidarity”, 1984, 9” x 12” Pen & Ink on Paper
“Gromyko’s Sleeves”, 1984, 14” x 22” Pen & Ink on Paper
“Poison Pills”, 1985, 19” x 12” Pen & ink on Paper
“L.A. AIR”, 1984, 6” x 9” Pen & Ink on paper (unpublished)
“Pencil Head”, 1985, 10”x 12” Pen & Ink on Paper
Illustration Promo, 1986

I had this idea for years, looking for a fresh way to blend my advertising career with art. 
I experimented before this and have done some other mashups, but this first big one was the most ambitious thing I had ever attempted. 

I secured a recently dismantled Apple iPod billboard (below), brought it to a large studio and divided it up into eight equal squares and spray-painted them all.

iPod Series, 2007
1.  “Flower Stigma” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
2. “The Hand That Feeds” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
3. “Lysergic Sunset” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl

iPod Series, 2007
4. “Reclining Nude #2”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
5. “Sandoz Stilllife”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
6. “Carlos C. Reloaded”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl

iPod Series, 2007
7. “Self Portrait”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
8. “Concentric Square Route”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl

I did sketches for a gallery show in Beijing at the end of 2016, a series of fictional Chinese sea monsters. The gallery approved these, then I lost my mind and decided to do another series that was political and about Trump and things he said about China (next section below) instead.  

China Aquatic Life Sketches, 2016
1. “Frilled Shar-G”, 8” x 10”, Sharpie on Parchment Paper
2. Salma-Ger, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper
3. G-elly Fish, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper

4. OG-tapus, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper
5. G-Horse, 8”x10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper

These were the crazy paintings I did in my space in Mexicantown, in Southeast Detroit, in 2016. How’d it go? These nine (9) pen & inks were put into a bright dark blue gallery and caused quite a ruckus in China. Last I heard, they were confiscated at the Beijing Capital International Airport and remain tied up in litigation. 

Trump v. China Series ©, 2016
(Upper Left to Lower Right)
“Contradictions”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Stolen Drone”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Climate Changez”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Taking Billions”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Destroying America”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Manipulating Currency”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Ridiculous”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“A Lot of Money”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper
“Piggy Bank”, 18”x 24” Inks & Brush on Watertcolor Paper

(From left to right) 1) The Beijing Gallery where I showed the nine paintings. 2) Collaborating with a famous Chinese grafitti artist in the 798 Art District in Beijing. 3) My Russian agent handling the negotiations to have the Trump paintings all released from Chinese Customs. 

A short time-lapse film of me painting an oil landscape canvas, en plein air (outside), in Santa Monica, California, May 2015. Having been trained in the American Impressionist style of painting in the late 1970's, I’ve returned to this, my first love ~  oil painting. This was a sketch done in just over an hour. ︎ Shiree, PhotographerAtHeart.

And finally, I’ve decided to use this as my new Favicon. Oddly, it was not created by me, but I’ve liked it for a long time. I always pay the artist, especially if something becomes real. And I always acknowledge and give credit as well. However this time, I had totally forgotten and was reminded to name the artist. This was created by a talented young designer and artist who interned for me at my little agency about ten years ago, Jay Melnychuk. Favicons were just becoming a thing. Jay did it as a gift, & I always appreciated that. Thanks, kid. Send me a pic, and I’ll return the favour.