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Hi. My website is divided into two main sections.

This is Art, and all the rest is Advertising.

Art is a scrolling stroll below, through stuff I’ve created while making a living creating the things I’ve made, in the other section.

My art is randomly grouped by genre, concept, theme, series, show, medium, period or level of enhanced euphoria.

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(L to R) 
“Self Portrait”, 1979, 11”x14” Oil on Canvas, Detroit, Michigan
“Deer And The Gun That Killed It”, 1979, 16” x 20”, Oil on Canvas, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
“Flowers in a Bowl”, 1979, 20” x 16”, Oil on Canvas, Harper Woods, Michigan
“Speedway 7-11”, 1980, 9”x12”, Oil on Canvas, Tucson, Arizona

I learned to draw and paint in my mid-twenties. Oil on canvas that I mainly stretched myself. Late 20th century American Impressionism was the school and palette, similar to painters like Edmund C. Tarbell, Frank Weston Benson, and William Paxton.

(L to R)
“Owen Sound Field”, 2007, 11”x14” Oil on Canvas
“Mt. Clemens Creek On A Hot Summer Day”, 1980, 20”x16” Oil on Canvas (Private Collection)
“St. Clair River in the Cold-Ass Winter”, 1980, 20”x16” Oil on Canvas (Private Collection)
“Baja”, 1980, 12”x9”, Oil on Canvas (Private Collection)


After landing a great gig in advertising, I still wanted to draw and paint. So I did.

Agency Self-Promotion Series/Brochure, 1986, 9”x12” Multi-media
1. “Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk”, Rubylith,  Litho printed on Paper
2. “On Target”, Rubylith and Pen & Ink, Litho printed on Paper
3. “Connecting People”, Watercolor On Paper, Litho printed on Paper
4. “Multi-Media”, Line tape, Letratone Screens on Acetate, Litho printed on Paper

A few years ago, I went back to Detroit for a minute and a career reset. Some of that work is here.

Detroit Series, 2014
1. “Ambassador Bridge”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
2. “Joe Louis Fist”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
3. “Spirit Of Detroit”, 6”x6”, Pen & Ink on Rag Paper
4. “Hart Plaza Fountain”, 6”x6”, Artist Proof, Two Color Silkscreen on Paper

And, if you’re up for it, a short video about that little adventure in 2014.

Anyway, illustration commissions kept me financially afloat in LA in the early 1980s.

Haha. No, they didn’t.

But it was fun to work to a deadline and see my stuff published in the Sunday Morning newspaper of a big American city. The pay was paltry, the time line was stressful, but the result was invigorating and I was excited whenever I got a call from the editorial director at the LA Herald Examiner.

“ICBM Man”, 1983, 9”x 13” Pen & Ink on Paper
“ICBM Man”, 1983, 9”x 13” Published, Los Angeles Herald Examiner
“Gromyko’s Sleeves”, 1984, 14” x 22” Pen & Ink on Paper, Published, Los Angeles Herald Examiner
“The American Way”, 1985, 12”x 16” Pencil on Paper (unpublished)
“Crushing Solidarity”, 1984, 9” x 12” Pen & Ink on Paper (unpublished)
“Pencil Head”, 1985, 10”x 12” Pen & Ink on Paper (personal logo)
“L.A. AIR”, 1984, 6” x 9” Pen & Ink on paper (unpublished)
“Poison Pills”, 1985, 19” x 12” Pen & ink on Paper (unpublished)
Got an agent, and made a promo with an idea. (I like ideas), 1986

I had this idea for years, looking for a fresh way to blend my advertising career with art. I experimented before with other mashups, but this first big one was the most ambitious piece I had ever attempted. 

I secured a recently dismantled Apple iPod billboard (above), and cut it up into eight 6’ x 6’ squares, then stretched them.

Then, I spray-painted them.

iPod Series, 2007 (L to R)
1.   “Self Portrait” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
2. “Flower Stigma” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
3. “The Hand That Feeds” 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
4. “Reclining Nude #2”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl

iPod Series, 2007 (L to R)
5. “Sandoz Still-life”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
6. “Concentric Square Route”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
7. “Lysergic Sunset”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl
8. “Carlos C. Reloaded”, 72”x72” Aerosol on Printed Outdoor Vinyl

I did sketches for a gallery show in Beijing at the end of 2016, a series of fictional Chinese sea monsters. 

China Aquatic Life Sketches, 2016
1. “Frilled Shar-G”, 8” x 10”, Sharpie on Parchment Paper
2. Salma-Ger, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper
3. G-elly Fish, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper

4. OG-tapus, 8”x 10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper
5. G-Horse, 8”x10” Sharpie on Parchment Paper

A short time-lapse film of me painting an oil landscape canvas, en plein air (outside), in Santa Monica, California, May 2015. I was trained in the American Impressionist style of painting. I’ve returned to this, my first love ~  oil painting. This was a sketch done in just over an hour.
︎ Shiree, PhotographerAtHeart.