︎ Artist ︎ Painter ︎ Adman ︎ Director  ︎ Writer  ︎ Bon Vivant  ︎ Enfant Terrible ︎ Designer ︎ Provocateur  ︎  Creative Director ︎ Artist ︎ Painter ︎ Adman ︎ Director  ︎  Writer  ︎  Bon Vivant  ︎ Enfant Terrible ︎ Designer ︎ Provocateur  ︎  Creative Director

Gary Holme grew up in Detroit, moved to Canada in 1990 and built his advertising career in Toronto. Holme has been an art director, a CD, and an ECD for some of the world's best agencies, including Chiat/Day, Sapient Nitro, FCB, Publicis, Y&R and J. Walter Thompson. He is also an accomplished artist and published illustrator and has spent his career weaving creativity with commercial success on a myriad of award-winning brands and projects. He is currently Director of Art & Content at Mass Minority Toronto, writing, producing, designing and directing videos, animation and content for businesses of all sizes across all platforms and channels.

Gary Holme has been called many things ~ artist, cartoonist, illustrator, writer, art director, creative director and even creative provocateur.