Decades ago, we did a television campaign for Rogers Communications at Publicis Canada that was a wacky and weird conspiracy send-up, between cable viewers and their TV’s. 

The enemy (every ad needs an enemy) was big, arrogant TV companies who up until that point had complete control of the viewing habits and schedules of the masses. “You will watch a show when we tell you to watch a show”. It was all changing, so we wanted to make an authentic connection with our customers by having some good clean fun, and say to them, we’re with you, we’re on your side.

Turns out, our client was actually one of those TV companies we mocked (which of course, we knew), and the CEO’s wife didn’t much like the self-depracting nature of our humour. It was probably the ‘wedgies’ gag that got to her.

These little 30-second ditties are dystopic and creepy, but I have always applauded the courage of the Publicis brass (some of them listed below) who backed daring ideas, supported them, presented them and then got the money to make them. Oh, and then not firing me after the client pulled the campaign.


Client: Rogers
Agency: Publicis | Canada
CEO: Redacted
CCO: Redacted
ECD: Redacted
Account Lead: David Lafond
Creative Directors: Gary Holme, Pat Pirisi
Art Director/Writer: Gary Holme, Pat Pirisi,
Directors: Gary Holme, Pat Pirisi, Gary Thomas
Post Production: CRUSH, Toronto
Audio: RMW

(Hi, if I missed you in the above credits, redacted you, or perhaps worse yet, put someone else’s name where you shoulda’ been and you’re cursing my name right now for misremembering, I’m so sorry. I’ve been micro-dosing since 1972, so my bad. Hit me up and I’ll make it right) *